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Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I so enjoyed having my ideas about what I can wear challenged and being introduced to new styles, all culminating in some lovely purchases that will be key pieces in my wardrobe.

Alex Hawkins

You have inspired me so much and given me confidence to wear my clothes with a smile I have gotten a lot of compliments!

Natasha Alston Teacher and mother of 2

I loved working with Anisa!  Her services were individualized and tailored specifically to me.  She intuitively understood my needs as a mother who needs quick and simple wardrobe choices; a professional who wants to look and feel confident in my clothes; and as a woman with desire to feel sensual, classy, and sophisticated, even if I’m just running errands.  She put all of this together in a way that was magical!  Now dressing to look my best is fun and so much easier!

Michelle Cooper Policy Maker and mother of 1

I was truly blessed to link arms with fashion stylist and personal style transformation whisperer, Anisa Ali. She compassionately guided me through a multi-pronged process to help me gain insight into my body shape, my fashion style personality, the optimal makeup palette, along with the best wardrobe color choices. During our work together, Anisa also taught me about methods of organizing and my closets have never looked better! Together, we also did hands-on transformation experiences, including beauty treatments, self-care exercises, as well as selfie challenges. I have never felt more empowered about my ability to put together a fashionable look! Anisa, thank you for everything — you have transformed my look and my philosophy about being a stylish mom!

Ayanna Anderson Healthcare worker and mother of 2

Anisa was my amazing stylist for the Dubai World Cup at Meydan Racing and special thanks to her for the support. I wanted a beautiful and elegant look for the racing day and she was able to put the whole outfit together in a very short notice and made sure I looked stunning for the event.

Maryam Zolghadr Model

What a great and needed experience I had with Anisa! It’s only at my session with her that I realized how clueless I was about what really suits me in terms of colors and shape. The session gave me more confidence about wearing colors that surprisingly suit me and made me very happy. I am also forever grateful that she found a boutique with a very unique style and that was exactly what I wanted! She understood what I like and how it should be translated into the most flattering pieces to fit my curvy body! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and confident in my new clothes. Wishing all the women of Dubai to meet you and be guided by you.

Angelique Michel Yoga Instructor and Founder of United Yoga Emirates.